23 March 2011

Personal Thought - RG 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam!!!!

*added new photo
Owh yeah! Another RG lineup and its a Gundam (I don't like other kits that is not Gundam) well not particularly a Gundam coz its come from the acronym of its OS 


LOL I dunno how Sunrise can get the idea for the acronym....

And yeah the RG is Aile Strike G.U.N.D.A.M hahahaha

well as usual multiple color separation gives this kit the sense of realness and sure I will pre-order this right away!

Emm yummy! Me want it!

Got the news from Gundam Guy & gunJap

Personal Thought - MG Epyon has risen =^.^=

Well its look like the prototype for MG Epyon has come out and was shown at Hobby Japan (May Issue)

This June baby! This June... Wait...

I forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got internship on that month.. =(

Money will be the biggest problem......

Ermm.... down below is the scanned image of MG Epyon (which I got it from Gundam Guy

Emm looking good!

Wait for the price to be announced....

p/s - i do have the 1/144 Epyon but I threw it away coz it sucks

Personal Thought - Gundam Seed Side Story: Astray

Ahhh Astray..... Damn the story is good! Much better than their main counterpart. Why Sunrise never consider this story to be an anime (ok I know they already done the animation but only for juz less than 10 minutes? =.=" )
The side story consist of "too short" pilot OVA mainly focusing on Lowe Guele's Red Frame and Gai Murakami's Blue Frame and manga and novel(?)

Ahh never mind.....

You guys never care of other mobile suit features in this series except for two of them because they are more awesome!!!! 

MBF-P01 Red Frame Astray

MBF-P01 Red Frame Astray Kai

MBF-P03 Blue Frame Astray (the version that no one care of)

MBF-P03 Blue Frame Astray 2nd L 
(Named that way coz Lowe build the Tactical Arm)

MBF-P03 Blue Frame Astray 2nd Revise

Emm... I only managed to have two of their model kit and its was MG 1/100 *ehem typo only NG 1/100 Red Frame and Blue Frame which you guys can see below 

Ahh The NG that have the superb articulation of early MG

Not too great looking dull Tactical Arm in Sword Mode.. >.<

Well, today I had a Mid Semester Examination for SQQS3023 Nonparametric Decision Making and I feel sucks! =.=" The subject itself is not too hard but the formulas keep getting me confuse... >.< (Ahh wait this is Gunpla blog my dear Izzy our reader don't care about u failing in this course)

Hahaha by the way, have you guys reader the Astray manga? Could you guys share some good thought of them? Comment down below ^^ 

p/s - I want to collect the MG after this ^^

21 March 2011

Off Topic! - Miniature Effect!

I know this is not related to Gunpla or modelling but hey this effect give the real world a whole new meaning which is being a small scale model...

I stumble toward this idea when I had a chit-chat with my friends (both of them are master in photography unlike me =b)

Owh, I'm not using camera that can do miniature effect I'm just use Photoshop CS4 ^^ 

Cut all the crap lets go for the photos below

p/s - not too perfect =.="
p/s2 - not my picture but the effect is done by myself ^^

17 March 2011

Personal Thought - Wing Gundam EW or Epyon Gundam EW?

I have this kind of dilemma....

Wondering what should I buy for this mid-year Gunpla buying mode.
Emm.. too many list to buy (but don't have money) I hate to work...
Need to further my study to get my monthly allowance since I'm still young =b

I'm thinking of having Wing Gundam EW which I don't know what is the differences between ver.Ka but I sure do know that there will be some minor differences...

Emm... Nice... but it was short >.<

But there's a catch....

11 March 2011

Earthquake at our Hobby Land T.T

A magnitude of 8.9 Richter Scale earthquake had strucked Japan today with a tsunami. I hope that our comrade there will be safe.

picture from AP Agency

p/s - I hope that Bandai factory will be fine I hope *cross-finger*

09 March 2011

Review - 1/100 GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] (Master Grade)

Despite my despise toward this upcoming MG 00, I admitted that I have 00Q in my collection =b


Cut the chit-chat, lets read the review of MG 00 Qant ^^

Personal Thought - Infinite Stratos!!!! Me like it!

As we all know, Infinite Stratos is a mecha anime about a guy that can operate an IS while the fact is only women can operate an IS.
Pretty strange but a good idea when its come to ecchi and harem anime! =^.^=

The lucky bastard! 

Above picture is the lucky boy name Ichika Orimura. He has a sister name Chifuyu Orimura who is one of the sensei at the IS Academy.

A tsundere sister! But sexy =^.^=

Personal Thought - Upcoming MG

As we all know, on this June MG 00 Raiser will roll out and sucks all of our money >.< I admitted that I'm not to impress on this kit because there is not many feature available on this kit except inner frame (That is what MG good for) But what i worried is the weight issue. The 0-raiser was said to have inner frame and this gonna make it heavy and guess what? 00 will be like 00Q<--- side heavy >.<

Back-heavy for sure!

08 March 2011

Review - 1/144 RG RX-78-2 Gundam (Real Grade)

This is the mecha that starts the "Gundam" boom worldwide(?). The one and only RX-78-2 Gundam. In this case the Real Grade 1/144. I'm not building the MG version of this kit because I'm not too fond toward 'retro-ish' looking thing. Nevertheless, maybe in the future I might consider to buy the MG version.

Review - MG 1/100 GF13-017NJII God Gundam (Master Grade)

This model kit is an old MG back in 2001. This is model kit is from Future Century era which is the timeline for Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


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