12 April 2014

Review - MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai [Slightly Painted]

Hye! Welcome back again after a month of hiatus. LOL. Well, that is because I'm too lazy to do Gunpla News (I'm not that kind of blogger) and actually I don't have any materials to post.

Nevertheless, this is my 1st kit of this year, MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai. Actually, I did want to retire from Gunpla but the temptation, I just can't resist it. Previously, I owned a NG 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame but I gave it to someone else as I just want to get rid my NG collections and upgrade them to MG version.

Piloted by Lowe Guele of Junk Guild, this Astray variant is based on MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame. This Gundam are basically an upgrade from previous version after Lowe was defeated by Librarian Works in graphic novel Seed Vs Astray. (which produced a lot of NG version of weird variant of SEED Gundam, etc Gale Strike)

Long story short, lets go for the review, shall we?

Red Frame Kai

What special about Astray is that the minimal use of Phase Shift Armor to conserve energy. This is why Astray developed a muscular look and Lowe Guele took this vision forward by incorporating Gerbera Straight into its armament. You've might not noticed but I do paint some parts with Pale Grey to give it a more Real Grade looks. (Damn why I'm so obsessed with RG)


This kit has good articulation, BUT the shoulder joint is too weak! Seriously, it is too weak! You can put some glue onto the joint to make it tighter (well I don't do that since it is difficult to disassemble the body back). The kneeling position is also good.



For this badass Gundam, it only need:

  • x1 Tactical Arms IIL
  • x1 Gerbera Straight
  • x1 Tiger Pierce
and thats it. Swords only! However, the Tactical Arms is superbly multifunctional.

Bummer! I break this piece, the hip joint! I glued it all back. Due to this incident, this review don't have any awesome poses like other reviews lingering in the net.

Completed Model

With Tactical Arms, the Red Frame can do so much thing. So for the first one, it is called V-Form. This is the basic form of Tactical Arms when it is mounted on Red Frame Kai's back, it allows quick transformation into other forms.

The kit can stand straight enough with the Tactical Arm on it's back. However, I can say that the Tactical Arm is seriously heavy.

The 2nd mode is known as Delta Form. The form in which the Voiture Lumiere System is used for propulsion. It is not one of the original transformations intended by Lowe, and is created after Ergnes Brahe donates the Voiture Lumiere System of his MMF-JG73L ∇ to him.

The 3rd form is Flight Form. The form that provides the Red Frame Kai with flight capability and by adjusting the position of the folded components can allow the MS to move in an irregular manner, making it difficult for the enemy to aim. In this form, the mounted beam torch can be used to fire at enemy units in front of Red Frame Kai.

Actually, I forgot to flipped up the wings on the booster LOL

The only air pose that I could make since I was too worried about the fixed hip joint.

The 4th form is Work Form. The form in which the Tactical Arms IIL is used as a giant pincer for moving and cutting large objects. It is mounted on the arm when in use and can also be used during combat.

The handle also known as Beam Torch

The 5th form is Arrow Form. The ranged weapon form of the Tactical Arms IIL, it is handheld when in used and fires a beam arrow. In this form, the Voiture Lumiere System can be deployed to manipulate the path of the beam arrow.

The 6th and most awesome form is Sword Form. The close combat weapon form of the Tactical Arms IIL, it is handheld when in used and can also function as a shield due to its large size. The blade has an incredibly sharp edge and even if it did not damage the enemy’s armor, the impact due to its size can damage internal components or badly rattle the pilot, and may even lead to unconsciousness in serious cases. The Tactical Arms IIL can be mounted on the Red Frame Kai's back when in this form, but it serves no practical purpose other than looking cool.

How cool is that?! Two Samurai swords on hips and one GIANT sword on back! One can't go more badass than this Gundam.

Need to use the stand (which is for HG but with longer shaft) to hold the Sword form.

Compared to Buster Sword of Gundam 00 Seven Sword

Speaking of badass, I owned two of them. Big gun =/= Badass but big sword is!

  • The kit look great
  • The swords, who doesn't love big sword
  • The legs actually firm enough to withstand the heaviness of Tactical Arms
  • The Tactical Arms transformation is easy to do without any hassles
  • The stickers and decals provided are awesome and alleviate this kit aesthetic look even more
  • The shoulder joint is too weak
  • Need to be careful with the hip joint. The design is break-prone unlike most MG hip joint which have 3 parts. This only have 2 parts. Possible due to the hip construction.  
  • The gold piece is just crap looking gold wannabe color. Need to paint it.
I can say if you a big fan of BIG sword, you can go for it. As for the overall design, one might not like it since the shoulder joints is too weak, I don't know why Bandai design them like that! And this might be my mistake, but I think that the hip joint can easily break if you handle it properly. My advice is that you should move it quite a bit too loosen it a little bit just to ensure that it can follow your pose that you've intended t do. 
p/s - I suspect that the Zippo Lighter Fluid (I use it to clean of excess ink on panel lines) might be the culprit to why the plastic weaken a little bit.

Extra! Lightbox Edition

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