02 December 2013

Random Post - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Lady Gaga

LOL Lady Gaga in Japanese Music Show... with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

well got pic of two of them being together

30 November 2013

Personal Rant - Ute

Ute or Coupe Utility is kind of crossover between car and truck and it is quite popular in Australia. Can you imagine a pickup truck with a big horsepower. It is not that I'm working in transporting goods but it just look so awesome.

One model that I particularly awe with is 2013 Holden Ute SS V Ute Redline. It got in it a V8 6.0 litre with 360bhp and 530Nm of torque! Nice eh? 

Well, Malaysia got one Ute to but seriously, underpowered. It is called Proton Arena and the Malaysian didn't like it but it quite popular in Australia. Talk about culture.

29 November 2013

Personal Rant - MG AGE-FX and AGE-3 fate?

It has been a year since the announcement of Master Grade version of Gundam AGE-FX and AGE-3. I don't know what Bandai plan on them but please Bandai hurry up with the release. I know I know Gundam AGE are cater towards kids but hey the Gundams in there are awesome. 

I wonder why Bandai release other kits announced even months further away than these two and released them but not these two kits.

How about you guys check out my reviews on HG kits of these two

11 November 2013

MG 1/100 Strike Noir Gundam GR Custom

Hye welcome back again to Gunpla Re-BOOT!

Ahhh for almost 5 months this project was hold off (because of my laziness)

Ok lets go for the pics shall we?

What I do is custom paint, decals and some sloppy weathering. Items that I use is industrial spray cans, Samuel Decals (waterslide) and Pastel Colors Sticks from Daisho. LOL pretty cheap eh?  

03 November 2013

Personal Rant - RG Strike Freedom Gundam

It is already released in Japan.... RG Strike Freedom.. Sorry mom...Gunpla is like drug addiction... it is difficult to resist it.... ='(

Image via YellowSubmarine Blog

Personal Rant - Bowling?

Hye welcome back again to Gunpla Re-BOOT!

First of all, I want to apologise for lack of contents since I was too lazy to finish my project.....

But I re-lived my past hobby which is ten-pin bowling... I got pretty serious about it.

I had purchased a ball, Ebonite Cyclone Series which is a good ball for beginner and medium player.

The ball itself is good in hooking (which I trained myself to do) but if the lane got too heavy in oil, the ball doesn't hook at all. Down goes to the DRAIN!! arghhhh

However, my score was bad.... Maybe next some more training.. I want to achieve 200+ points in 2-3 months (if achievable) LOL

p/s - Got WISP of MG Aile Strike RM, RG Destiny Gundam, MG Strike Noir, LMHG Eva-01 F-Type coming soon... Wait for them =D

extra - I recently bought a wrist support to help me play better

12 October 2013

MG 1/100 Gundam X Announced!

MG 1/100 Gundam X (Release Date: Jan 2014, Price: 3,800 Yen)

p/s - Yes! (wait didn't I said in recent post that I'm retiring for a while, yeah... that is a while)

05 October 2013

Great news! - Revoltech No.049 Iron Man Mark 42

Revoltech No.049 Iron Man 3: Iron Man Mark XL II  (Release Date: Jan 2014, Price: 4500 yen)

26 August 2013

Review - S.H Figuarts Kamen Rider Meteor

Hye welcome back again to Gunpla Re-BOOT! for another review of toys.

First, I want to say that this is the first SH Figuarts I had ever owned and judging from the quality of it, I might probably gonna buy other figures from this lineup

Nevertheless, I was fond with the design of Kamen Rider Meteor and I wonder if Meteor was the main Rider instead of that lame looking Fourze... jeezzz

Lets go for the review shall we?

25 July 2013

Review - 1/35 W0X Type-01 Alexander

Hye! Welcome back again to Gunpla Re-BOOT! for another review of plastic model kit.

This time I'm gonna do review for a kit from Code Geass series, Alexander

After watching the Code Geass OVA, Akito the Exiled, I was fond with the action of the Knight Frame Alexander more than what Suzaku Knightmare Frame would do for me.

Actually, I already built this kit for quite a while but too lazy to do review of it. LOL

OK, shall we go for the review?

22 June 2013

100000 Pageviews! Thanks!

Hye... welcome back again to Gunpla Re-BOOT!

Well maybe not as much as other Gunpla Blogs but hey this is considered as an achievement for me =D

100000 pageviews.... LOL maybe not to much but steps by steps towards 1M pageviews... 0.<

11 June 2013

Final Fantasy Versus 13 a.k.a Final Fantasy XV

yeah the long awaited Final Fantasy Versus 13 are renamed as Final Fantasy 15.... surprised yeah?

the supposed Spin-Off of Final Fantasy 13 (which all FF games are JRPG) and now as Versus 13 is rebrand and exist as a main game (which all u know that Versus 13 is Action RPG) surprised most of FF fans... But for me... I HATE TURN BASED RPG......

I really hate it because I don't have total control of the character itself.... need to plan, manage and all that related to it just give me pain in the ass.... I like Action RPG since i can control the character more efficiently and all the hype Versus 13 created from 2006 until now just show that this game can be the masterpiece from Square Enix...

I know most of the loyal fan of FF bitching about "Why they don't make turn based RPG as usual" sort of the thing but hey just look at Metal Gear Rising... the so called loyal fan of Metal Gear series bitching around about there are not espionage and stealth in Rising but still the game was successful and received plenty amount of praises.

Sometimes, this so called faggot fans just bashing without playing the game in the first hand... Play the game first then critic it... But I can say, the move from PS3 to PS4 are worth it.... PS4 offer more graphic rendering capabilities than PS3 and the Luminous Engine that SE used on developing FF15 can benefit from the hardware capabilities that PS4 can offer...

p/s - Kingdom Hearts 3 also announced and I'm happy!
p/s 2 - Faggot fan go away.. Square Enix don't care about your rants.... there are others that want to buy this game instead of you... Go f*** yourself..

Watch the trailer from E3

Battle gameplay

25 May 2013

Review - Sega Prize Iron Man Mark 42. Statue

Hi welcome back again to Gunpla Re-BOOT! Its been a while from my previous post which I promised u the review for Knightmare Frame Alexander but unfortunately my laptop broke and the repairer just reformatted my hard disk... and all the pics are gone... plus I'm too lazy to do another photoshoot =_=

Ok back from my rants.... this time I'm gonna do review on Sega's Iron Man Mark 42 Statue.....

I just love the design of Mark 42. More than other designs of Iron Man.... Therefore once I see this on the store, I just grabbed and paid without thinking twice (and I regretted it LOL)

05 May 2013

1/35 Alexander (Code Geass Akito the Exiled) Preview

Hye welcome back again to Gunpla RE-BOOT!

Forget about Valvrave I Hito or RG Destiny (which I'm gonna hold the project until announced) I'm gonna present to you guys my current project 1/35 Alexander from Code Geass Akito the Exiled

21 April 2013

My Current and Future Project

Ok... this is late.... so late... since I don't have any materials to post in my blog...

well I'm now holding my current project which is MG 1/100 Strike Noir Gundam. This project was basically a restoration project since I had already owned this kit (actually it was my first MG) It got a lot of unclean nubmarks and scratches..... I've already done 90% with it except for panel lining and decals (which I need to wait for a friend to send it to me since I ordered it from him). 

Sneak peak of my project (not much different eh? well it is painted)

My next month projects will gonna be 1/144 scale only.... 

 RG 1/144 Destiny Gundam
1/144 Valvrave

Ok thats all for today... Bye =D

30 March 2013

Random Post - RG Destiny, GP-01 and GP-01Fb

Yeahhh!!!!! This April RG Destiny will be released!!!!! I eager just to get this kit because any kit that have Real Grade logo on it, it gonna be on my buylist!

On the other news, on July this year, Bandai gonna release RG GP-01 and GP-01Fb as separate kits (which similar to the Master Grade version, Perfect Grade version can swap parts to change mode)

credit images - Gundam Guy

29 March 2013

Wait? What? 2nd Year Anniversary!!!

Luckily, my blog has established for at least THREE YEARS TWO YEARS but lacks of attention LOL

Nevertheless, it was fun blogging on my favorite thing which is building Gunpla kits!

I'm thinking of buying MG Blitz Gundam and paint it, just normal painting... no color custom painting... =3

p/s - and I'm still jobless.... no luck at all..... LOL

20 March 2013

Review - MG 1/100 GN-001 Gundam Exia + Custom-Painted

Hye, welcome back again to Gunpla Re-BOOT!

Now, I'm gonna do review on MG 1/100 GN-001 Gundam Exia......

I have longed for this MG Exia but don't have opportunity to buy this kit.

Nevertheless, I had bought this MG and custom-painted this model.

Without wasting your time and my time, lets go for the review shall we? 

14 March 2013

Review - MG 1/100 Master Gundam

Heh ironic isn't it? Master Grade Master Gundam... hahaha

Hye Welcome back again to Gunpla Re-BOOT! for another review of Gunpla model.

This time I'm gonna do review on MG 1/100 Master Gundam

Its not like that I love this kit in fact I hate this Gundam very much. Nevertheless, whenever I bought a new Gunpla I need to do review on it. LOL

Before that, if anyone of you do not recognize this Gundam, Master Gundam was from the Future Century Timeline which mean it is from G Gundam. This Gundam was owned by Master Asia which turns out as Domon Kasshu's teacher in martial arts.

No need for history learning lets go for the review, shall we?

13 March 2013

Obtained! Oppai Mousepad

Hye, welcome back again to Gunpla Re-BOOT!

Its been a while since I posted something.... >.<

Today, on this date this post was published, I had bought an OPPAI MOUSEPAD!!!! LOL

Even though this wasn't an original licensed item but what the hell..... I only bought original Gunpla and figures and that was enough for me... 8D

The quality of the printing was not so good but the back of the mouse pad has a sticky rubber base to it won't slide easy from the desk... =D

and I don't know the name of the character... =P

can anyone notified me the name of this girl???


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