03 January 2015

Review - Figurise 6 Kamen Rider Faiz

Hye, welcome back to another review in Gunpla Re-BOOT!

Its been a while since I updated my blog but hey this is the last day in 2014 and I dont want to waste the opportunity to write a memorable post for you guys to read.

Damn, I have problem with my internet connection and I can't post this on 31st Dec 2014

Ok guys, if you dont remember, this is Kamen Rider Faiz from Masked Rider 555 and he is my favorite Kamen Rider of all time.


04 August 2014

Review - 1/144 HG RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 Hazel

I don't know the details of this Gundam, but what I can say that this Gundam is looking awesome.

Hye, welcome back to another review in Gunpla Re-BOOT!

This time I gonna do review on RX-121-1 Gundam TR1 Hazel.

This Gundam come from photo-novel Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans which focus on Titans Test Group

15 June 2014

Review - HGUC 1/144 Victory 2 Gundam Custom Paint

Hye! At last, my favorite Gundam has arrived. I'm longing for this kit for a while since I have this urge to custom paint it. Yes, it is Victory 2 Gundam. Piloted by Uso Ebbing, this Gundam has lead League Militaire to victory against Zanscare Empire. Without typing too long , let us go for the review, OK?

01 June 2014

Review - 1/144 HGBF Crossbone Maoh Gundam

A very long time since I posted reviews of Gunpla in my blog. Welcome back again to another post of review in Gunpla Re-BOOT!

This time I'm gonna do review about this awesome variant of Crossbone Gundam, Crossbone Gundam Maoh. As you know that this variant is built by Yasaka Mao in Gundam Build Fighter anime in the last episode.

Without wasting anytime, let us go for the review.


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