12 June 2015

Review - HGBF 1/144 Gundam Fenice Rinascita


As I promised to you guys, a review for.....................

HGBF Gundam Fenice Rinascita...

I like this Gundam since it was design by the same person who design Exia, 00 and 00 QanT

Kanetake Ebikawa... =)

Without wasting any time, let us go for the review

09 April 2015

HGBF 1/144 Gundam Crossbone X-1 Full Cloth ver. GBF

Hey guys

should I get this too???

Random Post - MG Wing Gundam Fenice Renascita


Hey guys

What do you think about this Gunpla?

Do you want to own it??

Random Post - WHY?

Why suddenly my blog was posted with so many NSFW posts?

Well since I will be away for a while... And I don't have any project for now.

However, I'm planning to get these two model kits

HGBF 1/144 Transient Gundam

RG 1/144 GN-0000 00 Gundam


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