29 January 2013

Review - Revoltech Yamaguchi Jehuty Anubis Ver. (Zone of the Enders)

Hye, welcome back to Gunpla Re-BOOT! for a review of

REVOLTECH YAMAGUCHI JEHUTY ANUBIS VER. from Zone of the Enders series.

Frankly I want to say that I never played the games but I only watched the OVA, Z.O.E - Idolo which was the prequel for the Z.O.E game. And yes, Jehuty wasn't in the OVA. However, I just fallen in love with Jehuty since the design was sleek and judge by the trailer Konami shown for the HD edition, I say that I need to own it.

Actually, I'm planned to buy the Kotobukiya Jehuty HD Ver. but the review of it just saying that it gonna be worthy if you like the games and the Jehuty. Therefore I omitted the kit and bought the figure instead. =D

Ok, without wasting my time lets go for the review!

The box

The design of the box look good. Better than what Robot Damashii can offer. I like the illustration on the box.

On the back, we can see some of the poses that Jehuty can do, parts included and one irrelevant pose. The box say that we should collect all Revoltech LOL

Here we can see the Revoltech Joint which I find that it is better in a long term usage. It got the ratchet mechanism to lock the movement a lil bit.

(and the magic word on the box, "Adult Collectible, not a toy")


Here we got a unit of Jehuty, two double jointed elbow, 5 sets of extra palms, 4 missile/fin funnels (I don't know the purpose since I didn't play the game), foot, and a box to store the Revoltech joints.

Jehuty Anubis Ver.

The reason why it is called Jehuty Anubis Ver. is that this is the 2nd game version not the first one. The first one have grey color scheme. Anyway, the colors on this figure are in metallic but I hate the fact that the gold color are lack luster compared to what the box offered. Nevertheless, I like the quality build on this figure which is good.

The figure can stand on its own thanks to the foot provided. (If you look around the web, you gonna find a review saying that it can't stand on its own... video review)

It also can do kneel pose. Ahh damn I'm liking this figure more and more. Maybe I should quit Gunpla building and focus more on collecting figure. =D

What I don't like is (maybe this is nitpicking) that the feet are separate pieces rather that a single piece that can retract into the legs like the Kotobukiya kit. Possibly this is because of the size =(

The wing effects also didn't look the same as Koto kit. What the hell, this is a figure right? LOL

The blade also are separated pieces. I wonder why they don't make it just one individual piece.

The figure also got double jointed elbow if you want more poseability. However, the stock elbow joint are quite good too. I never bother to use this since it gonna make the arms longer than normal.

The clear part shown the word "ENEMY" and I think that it was use in the game to indicate the location of the enemy.

I still wonder if the white things are fin funnels or missiles. Can someone clarify on this. Nevertheless, the funnels/missiles look good and the decals on it make it more detail and realistic.

The box are used to store joints (?) However, I don't know the true purpose of the box. =D

Stroking my little "ego" =D

I just came LOL

Irrelevant pose which shown on the box.


This is my first figure from Revoltech and I bought this just because I fell in love with Jehuty although some might found the "COCK"pit was quite disturbing. Nevertheless, I still find that this figure are well built and painted, and the usage of Revoltech Joint added the value for this figure. I recommended this figure for you guys.

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