24 January 2013

Review - SIC Kiwami Tamashi Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Ultimate

Hye, welcome back again for another review in Gunpla Re-BOOT.

This time I'm gonna do review about SIC KT Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Ultimate.

For your information, Rising Ultimate only exist in Decade World because in the series, the last power-up of Kuuga was up until Ultimate only. If you watch the series, Kuuga upgraded his power when he found out that the Grongi Tribe had become stronger than ever before. Therefore, he lets himself engulfed with the electricity generated from the Amadam Belt to evolved from normal Kuuga to Rising Kuuga but that only limited to normal form for Mighty Form, Pegasus Form, Dragon Form and Titan Form. Hence, when in Decade, the alternate version of Kuuga seems to have Rising Ultimate..... (not so sure but stated in Kamen Rider Wiki the punching power for Kuuga Ultimate form was 80 tonne equivalent of 80000kg. Why need Rising?)

Yuusuke Godai is the original Kuuga (where there was a original user of Kuuga which named Riku) and alternate Kuuga in Decade named Yuusuke Onodera.

Ok lets go for the review shall we?

The Box

It seems like Decade has changed the design of the box and Rising Ultimate also follow this change. My feeling when I see this box was overwhelming because "I'm gonna get Rising Ultimate!!!" that kind of feeling. Unfortunately, when I see the box's not-so-thick unlike Decade made me disappointed a little bit because it mean that it doesn't come with a stand and it was still expensive.


Along with the box, we got a figure of Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Ultimate, extra head which has a pair of darkened eyes (if you see the Decade movie, the conclusion one you'll know), two open palm hands, one Yuusuke's battle pose hand and the Holy Grail's Good Sign hand.

Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Ultimate

The details on this kit was awesome. I like the details on gold parts which was carefully done without any messy finishing. The figure was not so tall compared to other SIC KT counterpart (I don't have photo comparison but trust me I know because I've owned it) except Kaixa of course. This is possibly because the actor of Yuusuke Onodera was short.

Punching move!

Kicking move! (Notice that I use Decade stand)

Kneeling pose can be done to look natural. 

The arms can be lifted like the normal human does. =D 

The pre-battle pose. 

Is this review good enough? 

Rising Ultimate Kick!

Rising Ultimate Punch!

The story behind the dark eye Kuuga is when Yuusuke had been attacked by some evil which named High Priestess Bishium with the Stone of Wind. This cause Yuusuke to be controlled by Bishium hence unlocking the full potential of Kuuga. Therefore, Kuuga has black eye because he is evil by that time.

Thank God you free me from that bit*h my friend 

We are both BADDDDD!!!

With the release of Rising Kuuga, SIC KT line has becoming more and more expensive (except for the bikes). If this trend continue in the future, SIC KT might ended up having a price like SH Figuarts. Nevertheless, I think that this Rising Ultimate might be limited released therefore the pricing is set higher than others because with the only weapon for this Kuuga was none, I don't see why Bandai should price it different than the others. Nonetheless, I recommended this figure for you since it is looking awesome + badass and I don't see the price to stop you from getting this kit.

P/S - I'm now considering to buy Non Scale Jehuty HD Version

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