12 January 2013

Review - (Non Scale) Evangelion 2.0 : Evangelion Unit-01 Test Type Unit

Hye, welcome back to Gunpla Re-BOOBBOOT for another review of plamo.

This time I'm gonna review about (Non Scale) Evangelion 2.0: Evangelion Unit-01 Test Type.

Firstly, I wanna say that this kit is a NON SCALE model therefore it's not the same as 1/100 Gunpla. 

This is because an EVA is roughly height at 80 meters unlike Gundam which range about 13 ~ 22 meter in height.

If it is scale around 1/144, an EVA can have a height around 55cm LOL taller than a PG Gunpla.

If you watch the series, you gonna find out that this anime isn't the same as other mecha anime since it incorporated some psychoanalytic and psychology of human aspect. Therefore, the last two episodes are too f**ked up (well that was because budget and time restrained) and eventually you need to see The End of Evangelion to get the true picture of the ending. This is because in the series, they only show whats happened in the mind of the characters, unlike in the film where they show what happen in the reality. You need to see all of it otherwise you gonna hate the series and possibly sent a death threat to Hideaki Anno LOL

And I want to remind you that EVA series were not a robot but a giant cyborg/android OK?

Lets go to review shall we?

Evangelion Unit-01 Test Type Unit

The model is slender, almost human-like proportion which is good looking plamo I had ever owned. I like the how Bandai managed to faithfully recreated the looks like in the movie and the neon green color was vivid therefore creating an awesome look for this model.

Come with this model is six palms which three on below need some cement/glue to hold them together in this case I only use super glue a.k.a elephant glue LOL

The entry plug was dark grey in original color which I find too plain therefore I just paint it like on the box and do some red, black and silver stripe on it. (Sorry for the lame paint job since I only use gundam marker for the red paint)

The only weapon provided in the box, Pallet Gun/Assault Rifle and Progressive Knife which both are plain looking weapons especially the rifle. Gundam's rifle was better looking than this crap.

Umbilical cable which was important in course of the series since it provide the EVA unit with power supply albeit Berserk Mode or S2 engine. The original color was in dark grey therefore I painted it in blue.

And of course, the holy grail AT- Field or ABSOLUTE TERROR FIELD. The bling-bling color can only be seen under a light.

Well, the sole of the feet were also painted and the paint job are quite slobby since no one will ever bother to lift and see the foot. LOL

Even though it was mention as a NON SCALE, it still taller than MG Sword Impulse Gundam.

The same goes when compared to Turn A (Mustache) Gundam.

The elbow joint articulation.... =_= Bandai was kind to give the arm unit complete with the rubber wrapped outside the mechanic but it can't bend like Gundam elbow joint.

But the leg joint articulation was good! It can do kneeling position very good!.

The Shoulder Units can store Progressive Knife but it saddened me that the actual knife can't be store in the shoulder only the mock knife. T^T

The point where you should plugged in the Umbilical Cable.

To open the "hatch" a.k.a entry plug, you need to open the upper part first.

After that, you need to pull it upward.

Then, you lift the lower part upward and lift the cap up.

After that, you can insert the Entry Plug.

Evangelion Unit-01 Test Type in action

The hand unit for holding the Prog Knife was lousy and can't hold the knife very well. I hated it so much I didn't bother to do knife holding pose anymore...

This kit can hold the Pallet Gun/Assault Rifle very well and it is easy to do the iconic pose of the Eva shooting at Angels.

Descending pose for this kit look natural and I love it.... Owh now it is running on Internal Battery though...


Berserk Mode

A.T Field Engaged!

Did you wonder how I have mouth? Coz I'm no robot! I'm android/cyborg dude!

  •  The kit is good looking
  • The color separation is good and minor painting are required to make this kit to look more beautiful
  • The kit are taller than average 1/100 Gundam?
  • Elbow joint can't bend like Gundam do
  • Only two weapons are provided
  • Ball joint on the waist is easy to popped out. (Use glue on the ball joint, wait for the glue to harden)
  • Not too stable since the feet are small. (The reason why Eva's leg are slightly bend to give more stability)
  • Knife storing shoulder unit gimmick just a gimmick, can't store Prog Knife and the mock knife are just for show
  • AT Field don't have any mechanism to hold it on hands. Just balanced it on hands...

For this kit, only buy this for the sake of you as a fan of this series. IF you looking for a Gundam-like weapons or etc, you are better off with Gunpla. This kit is totally waste of money if you don't even bother to see the anime or movies. Only after you see the anime/movie, then you can appreciated the kit and you gonna love the kit very much! I can't point much of the good thing about this kit since they are none except for it are badass looking and diffrent than usual looking robot. In the end, I recommended you to buy this kit if you like Neon Genesis Evangelion. 

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