08 December 2012

Review - Kamen Rider: Chou Climax Heroes

Hye welcome back to another post in Gunpla Re-BOOT (that sound so cliche LOL)

This time I'm gonna review the ever-waited game of this year among Kamen Rider fans which is 

Kamen Rider: Chou Climax Heroes

This time Bandai didn't go for the title Climax Heroes Wizard for unknown reason HaHaHa

This is the menu for the new version of Climax Heroes. Pretty the same actually with Fourze version. Just changed the theme into rings and WizarDriver and wallaaaa new design for the menu. =D

The differences of this series compared to the last one is the Super Heroes Mode which we need to explore each places to unlock Riders instead of we fight using the same Rider to unlock another Riders like in Fourze

The picture of certain Riders will appear if the mission need the Rider to complete it

If this shown we can choose any Riders to complete the mission

For this version, they include a power-up system. Trust me, u can't complete the mission easy if you don't power up

The Versus Mode was the same except with different cosmetic =D

This time I gonna show the fight between Kamen Rider Joker and Kamen Rider Black. (If you guys wondering, KR Joker was a tribute for Black)

This time, the regular 2D planar fighting scene were replace with 3D planar which u can move anywhere you want in the ring of course. 

The controls were also changed. Directional button for moving around, L button + O button to execute Rider Arts (which you gonna find that not all Riders have it), R button to release you from a combo attack (which consume your defense point) or prevent from being attack, X button for heavy attack, Square button for normal attack, Triangle button for Jump, O button for special attack, Square + X button for Final Attack, Select button for charge-up and analog stick to change form or power up.

Triggering R button while being attacked can push the opponent away from you

Triggering L button + O button to execute Rider Arts

Rider Punch!

Rider Kick!

Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero!
What I can say about this game is that this game was too easy for me that it only take several hours to finished the Super Heroes Mode. Perhaps this game were intended for younger gamer (well that was always the direction Bandai and Toei had taken these several years) and I just saying the only hype that this game brings was only the new Riders (Eternal, Skull and etc2) and new battle system. The rest was the same with previous iteration of Climax Heroes. 

So you gonna be my friend?



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