11 November 2012

Review - MG 1/100 ZGMF-X56S/B Sword Impulse Gundam

Hye, welcome back again to another review in Gunpla Re-BOOT =D

This time I gonna review this awesome kit which is Sword Impulse Gundam Yee Haa!

I'm particularly like this Gundam since it was badass in the series compared to the other two variant of Impulse. Since the color scheme of this kit was red and red was my FAVORITE color, I'm eager to own this kit much more. 

When I think of it, back in the years, I had owned an FG Sword Impulse Gundam which is crap and I had already threw it away, more accurately into a trash bin (HaHaHa) along with other FG which is Destiny Gundam, Gaia Gundam and Gundam Epyon. 

Well, forget that lets go to the review shall we?

Core Splendor

 The Core Splendor was looking great, which is much better than the Core Fighter in RX-78-2. Albeit the lack of color separation especially on the tail and the wing, the construction was good but in the end, it will ended up in the chest.

Chest Flyer

Chest Flyer well it just other iteration of the system of V Gundam. The Chest Flyer consist of the chest (of course), head unit, arm unit, shield unit and rifle unit.

Sword Silhouette + Silhouette Flyer

As always, Silhouette Flyer will ended up in the box since it don't have other purpose than sending the Sword Silhouette for the use of Impulse Gundam. 

Leg Flyer

The Leg Flyer also the same as in the V Gundam. Well the transformation gimmick on the knee joint almost like other transformation Gundam. LAME

Impulse Gundam

Folding-razor anti-armor knife. Well that's a long name but it looks identical like on Strike Gundam.

Well, since in SEED, the ZAFT managed to stole 4 out of 5 unit from the GAT-X series, the Impulse Gundam took the technology from Alliance and put in their own technology and this make the Impulse more awesome than Strike Gundam but the armament without the Silhouette is almost identical to Strike Gundam itself. In this MG iteration, Bandai has put a lot of efforts to make it slimmer and edgier than one on the Non Grade 1/100 scale or in the anime itself. The model itself taller than it should in the anime and the result is a striking and awesome look of Impulse Gundam. What puzzle me was that the white parts in this model were not white at all but slightly greyish. I don't understand why but I can say that the choice for the color make the kit more awesome compared to the usage of white color. 

But beware of the shoulder joint which I felt like disaster waiting to be happen. You should be careful when playing on that territory.

Completed Model - Sword Impulse Gundam

Although the name given was Sword Impulse Gundam, it still carry a beam rifle which I don't understand the reason why it need the rifle given that it have two anti-ship swords!

The reason why this Gundam red in color was because in VPS (for you guys that don't know the acronym Variable Phase Shift Armor), the red-white-black was the strongest in defensive compare to other configuration. This is due to the fact that in this configuration, the battle was always close quarter combat.

The shoulder joint, well it kinda disappointing since it wasn't strong enough to support the weight of the beam rifle or the shield to do this pose. I can't blame on it too much since this kit has chest flyer gimmick which need the shoulder joint design to be like that. 

Another thing was the decals and stickers. It was disappointing because there were too few of them but thank God this kit was awesome I don't bother too much about the lack of decals and stickers on it.

The Excalibur Anti-Ship Swords was freaking long and they were bad ass! During the war on Orb Nation, this sword can easily cut the ships into pieces.

To hold the swords, we need to change the hands like the normal hands we usually have on Non Grade Gunpla.

Replicating the Box Art!

It also came with Flash-Edge Beam boomerang which look awesome.

I dunno Impulse can hold the beam boomerang as physical boomerang in the anime?

Combine two Excalibur and you got double the AWESOMENESS.

We can also put other Silhouette or in this case Noir Striker Pack from Strike Noir Gundam. 

Along with one of my favorite Gundam, 00 Qan[T]

- Sturdy inner frame
- Awesome looking swords
- Nice articulation
- Slim and tall but tough look proportion make the anime version look dull


- The shoulder joint was kinda weak and can break if not handle carefully
- Maybe this is nitpicking issue but why on some parts they don't color accurate
- Lack of decals and stickers


This kit is a must buy for anyone that loves sword-wielding Gundam. The kit proportion has been changed but this change was a positive change toward overall looks on this Gundam (but almost all MG SEED + SEED Destiny have taller and slimmer body proportion compared to the anime makes me wonder why...) What I hate of this kit was the lack of decals and stickers. This kit need a lot of stickers and decals to make it perfect but maybe I asking too much from Bandai HaHaHa. Well that's wrap up my review for this kit and have a nice day =D

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